Eric Sauer Is Both A Natural And Holistic Licensed Pharmacist. 

He has a thriving private practice for over twenty years and continues to help patients with autoimmune diseases, hormone imbalances, reproductive issues, gut problems, autism, ADHD, ADD, and more. He is intuitive, patient, kind, and is tireless in his effort to help people. Eric Sauer is also an enzyme therapist and believes that the gut is your first brain, i.e., your immune system. In order to obtain and maintain health, we must keep our gut healthy and strong.
Approximately twenty years ago, he formulated his own enzyme supplement line. You can be sure that all of his supplements are clean, easily digested, vegan, GMO free, filler free, and are made in a sterile facility in the Midwest under strict temperature control. A majority of his patients will attest that Eric Sauer has changed their lives for the better, especially after not feeling well for years. He is a great problem solver and knows how to analyze patients’ blood work to solve that individual’s problem(s).


Any recommended product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For any products recommended, consult with your physician.


Eric Sauer- Naturopathic Consultant & Licensed Pharmacist, RPh

Eric Sauer – Naturopathic Consultant & Licensed Pharmacist, RPh, has been working with enzymes for over 20 years. He was awarded the Order of Excellence by the World Organization mod Natural Medicine (WONM) in February, 2008.  Eric Jason resides in Long Branch, NJ, where he enjoys the company of his cats and dogs. 

Career Profile:


  • Long Island University – BS Degree
  • Brooklyn School of Pharmacy – Long Island University
  • Board of Pharmacy Certification
    • State of New Jersey – NR 17520
    • August 10, 1983


  • Owner, The Natural Pharmacy
    • A Compounding Pharmacy – Opened April 1999
  • Owned and operated two pharmacies in New Jersey

Advanced Accreditation

  • Comprehensive Compounding Certification Program
    • National Association of Compounding Pharmacists
    • A Division of Meridian Pharmaceuticals –  March 1999
  • Darkfield Microscopy and Enzyme Therapy
    • Enzyme Therapy Clinics of America – Feb. 1997
    • Professors:
      • Guy N. Martin, Ph.D – COO, ECTA
      • DicQie Fuller, Ph.D – Transformation Enzyme Corp. – Author
  • Homeopathy Certification – DHPh / LifeSpan – November, 1999
    • Professors:
      • Trevor M Cook, PhD, MS, BS, HMD, NMD, DHom, DHPh, FRCS, FHMA
        • Dr. Cook is the Chairman and President of the British Institute of Homeopathy and Former Royal Warrant Holder as supplier of homeopathic medicines to HM The Queen and HM The Queen Mother and supplier of animal health nutrition products to HM The Queen
      • Jack F. Hinze, NMD, PharmD, DiHOM, FBIH
        • International Homeopathic Scientist, Educator, and Consultant
  • Nutritional – Natural Medicine – Life Span – March 1998
  • Homotoxicology – Don Mayfield, ND, DAC, NMD, DOM – January 2001
  • Clinical Nutrition / Natural Medicine – Jim Lavalle, RPh, DHM, NDM, CCN, DHPh
  • Clinical Nutrition – Ross Pelgon, Rph, Ph.D., CCN

Study and Consultation Affiliation With

  • Thomas Rau, MD – Biological and Alternative Medicine Scientist Paracelsus Clinic – Switzerland
  • Robert C. Greenberg, DC – Foremost authority on Biological Terrain Assessment

Professional Affiliations

  • National Association of Compounding Physicians – NACP
  • International Academy of Compounding Physicians – IACP
  • Independent Pharmacy Alliance – IPA
  • Enzyme Therapy Clinics of America – ETCA
  • Voices of Safety International – VOSI
  • Health Trust – Lifespan Professional Education Association

Community Programs

  • Produced and Hosted Seminar – “Autism and Mercury Poisoning Connection”
    • June 2001 – Guest Speaker – John Honze, NMD, PharmD
  • Community and Physician Education Programs
    • Natural Solutions – Nutrition
    • Saliva Testing – Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy
    • Integrated Health and Wellness Center – Cancer Support Groups
    • Sylvan Learning Center – Autism, ADD, ADHD, Vaccine