Laurie Lombardi, MS, CDN 

Laurie Lombardi, CDN is a renowned expert on "Beauty from the inside out." Boasting more than 25 years of experience, Laurie's meteoric career began at NBC Studios where she served as a make-up artist for the Today Show, Saturday Night Live. Inside The Actors Studio, feature films, and reached its zenith during Late Night with David Letterman, where she won two Emmy Awards (in 2001 and 2002) from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Laurie knows that "beauty starts from within." Her belief that diet, exercise and other lifestyle issues influence one's appearance led her to earn a degree in Clinical Nutrition and pursue a Masters/Internship at New York Hospital.In 1999, Laurie applied her Science Degree formulating Skincare Lines for prominent Park Avenue Plastic Surgeons in NYC. She developed a signature Natural Cosmetic Line that sold throughout NYC, including Henri Bendels. In 2010 Laurie developed an Organic Handcrafted Skincare Line for The Natural Pharmacy in Ocean, NJ. She recently opened The Natural Apothecary Shoppe in Sarasota FL and compounds her Organic Skincare on the premises. The Shoppe offers a plethora of self-care  and wellness products. 

About Laurie




Laurie Lombardi C.D.N,  is a leading expert on Nutrition, Medical Skincare, and compounds Natural RX grade Skincare at ‘The Natural Pharmacy and Wellness Center.’  

She has integrated all of these skills from her history working as a Makeup Artist, a Degree in Clinical Nutrition, (accredited by the American Dietetic Association) and certification from Para Medical Skincare (Qualified Medical Companies.)

In the late 80’s Laurie began her career at NBC studios, providing her makeup skills for the Today Show, Saturday Night Live, Inside the Actors Studio, Live at 5, David Letterman, (earning two Emmy Awards from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in 2001 and 2002). She has also worked on many other TV networks and featured films, in the motion picture industry. Laurie believes that beauty starts from within.

“I had a sense of who ate a healthy diet, exercised & kept hydrated by the look of a person’s skin. They usually needed less foundation and concealer, since their skin texture was smoother and well hydrated. I was able to enhance their beauty without much makeup, and I institutionally knew that nutrition is key, and wanted to have a more comprehensive understanding of how the body works on a physiological level from the inside out.”

This led her down the path to nutrition where she earned a degree as a Clinical Nutrition, and did a Masters/Internship program at a NYC Hospital. This program is affiliated with The American Dietetic Association. Laurie graduated in 1993 as a Clinical Dietitian. She is also a certified in Para-Medical Skincare, a licensed Permanent Makeup Artist and a Licensed Certified Weight Management & Lifestyle Coach. Since that time Laurie has been a subcontractor working with many top Plastic Surgeons in NYC as a Clinical Nutritionist/Medical Skincare expert, and Permanent Tattoo Artist .

In 2012 Laurie joined Eric Sauer, R.Ph. DHPh. at ‘The Natural Pharmacy and Wellness Center’ in Ocean, NJ. Laurie formulated a natural Skincare line with Eric, a Compound Pharmacist at ‘The Natural Pharmacy and Wellness Center.’ All of their Skincare products are made on the premises.

“People aspire to feel and look better, and it appears that today there is so much misleading information on all of these topics that many people get confused, overwhelmed, and perhaps waste money on unnecessary products, and procedures. Do your research, ask questions, a lot of people want to improve their physical appearance, it basically helps people feel better about themselves. Think about what it is that you would like to change? Chances are, 

if you start on the inside, you will be clearer on what you would like to change physically. Talk to someone knowledgeable that also has the required credentials. Focus on the desired results. When we understand what it is we need, our self esteem improves, not just superficially, but internally as well as externally.”